Les Arbres Nous Survivront

16 images Created 27 May 2019

In my series Les Arbres Nous Survivront (The Trees Will Outlive Us), I explore abandoned human structures as they decay and transform.

During the Summers of 2018 and 2019 as an artist-in-residence in France, I began photographing structures being consumed by forest and forgotten by their former inhabitants. These sites include a decommissioned coal factory, a Château in Normandy that was used as a headquarters for the Nazi’s during World War II and an abandoned abbey most recently used as a convalescent home.

Through the process of investigating these sites I look for clues alluding to their pasts and imagine how they will be further altered by the passage of time. In post-production, I layer location specific elements highlighting the tension between the present beauty and the future evolution of these relinquished sites.
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