The Trees Will Outlive Us

10 images Created 13 Jul 2017

In my series “The Trees Will Outlive Us” I explore abandoned human structures as they decay and transform. Through the process of investigating these sites I look for clues alluding to their pasts and imagine how they will be further altered by the passage of time. In post-production, I layer location specific elements highlighting the tension between the present beauty and the future evolution of these relinquished sites.

This series began in 2016 when I began photographing a family farm located on Montauk Highway in Long Island, New York. The farm, homesteaded by my great-grandfather over a century ago, is no longer a working farm. The structures are being consumed by the forest that was there long before my family set foot on Long Island after arriving from Europe.

This is an ongoing project and I will be continuing to seek-out and photograph locations undergoing this process of reclamation and transformation.
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